About Web Scraping Club: Our Story & Mission

About me

Hi, I’m Pierluigi Vinciguerra, and I’m working in the web scraping industry since 2015, more or less, first for Re Analytics and then Databoutique.com. I’m sharing my experiences in The Web Scraping Club substack, so maybe it can be useful for other professionals like me, who struggle to find a place where to study web scraping with real-world examples.

You can find me here:

About the blog

As a professional web scraper, I struggled to find meaningful sources for studying the subject. They are sparse, outdated in most cases, and not related to real-world cases. That’s why I started The Web Scraping Club: it’s a substack newsletter where I share my notes with the web scraping community, trying to bring some value in various forms.

  • Free articles every week (sometimes twice a week). You can read them on this blog or, if you want to receive them in your inbox, you can subscribe for free to The Web Scraping Club substack
  • Paid articles, with code on a private GitHub repository, where I make some real-world examples and use the latest techniques. In this case, you need to have a paid plan on The Web Scraping Club substack for reading them.
  • Offers and discount codes from all the major players in the industry, from proxies to scraping services.