Testing Against Cloudflare Turnstile: A Comprehensive Guide

Check if your bot can bypass the Cloudflare Turnstile challenge with this tester.

This is a safe environment where The Web Scraping Club collects no data. The form below has the only purpose of checking if you can submit a value after bypassing the Turnstile Challenge.

Load this page with your scraper to check if its configuration is valid or not.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
Insert whatever you want, it’s only a test to check if you can bypass the Cloudflare Turnstile with your bot

If you want some inspiration on how to bypass Cloudflare with your scraper, you can have a look at the article archive on the blog or in the newsletter.

Remember that building the right scraper is only one part of the job. To be sure to bypass any bot protection you need also to check your scraper’s running environment and the quality and variety of IPs.